Thursday, January 19, 2006

Emmie Swing

m'lady cannot she the tree house well,
and would never climb with fear born
of lack of depth perception --

but she can swing in the offered tire below,
while I call down to her from the branches.


May as Well

I think I am going to be happy –
may as well be now –
for any other choice is futile
and does little but to disturb
the awe and wonder of it all.

I think I will laugh and dance a bit –
may as well be now –
for each Child of Light is watching
and they can only learn of life
by seeing how I live my own.

I believe I will set my soul at rest –
may as well be now –
for without this balanced anchor
and simple faith in what I do,
my spirit cannot fly with you.

I know that I can sing in silence –
may as well be now –
for any voice raised in prayer
will merge with the choir of angels
and I will be forever heard.

I think that I will extend a hand –
may as well be now –
for this can be seen by anyone
while my heart is slightly hid,
and my soul but a kiss of time.

I think I will say, “I love you” --
may as well be now –
for you have seen my trembling heart,
and heard my spirit ever sing,
and touched my yearning child’s hand.

May as well be now! Be - now Be – well Be - mine Be ….


At 3:07 AM, Anonymous susan preston said...

What a great piece,It may as well be now.It reminds me of that quote.
If not now........when! If it brightens someones day.I am all for it! Susan Preston (agjnseac)


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