Wednesday, September 20, 2006

THE TREEHOUSE by another name

They knocked on the front door last week
5 young people, 20'ish most of them
They were students at Melbourne University
Film school
Hearing of a lemon tree that was somewhat famous
It fitted nicely in their latest film
A story of a small child visiting her Grandmother

A story of a Magical Tree
A small child anxious to sample some of this magic
A grandmother anxious to talk and take afternoon tea with a rarely seen child
A grandmother who only allowed the child to
look through the lace cutains ,
until the tea and the lemonade was finished
Then the garden could be accessed through the
large kitchen doors

I will not spoil the story
except to say that filming is a gruelling profession
Taking 10 hours to film this short excerpt.

I am left exhausted with visions of this
small 5 yr old lying on the damp grass
under the aging lemon tree
Looking up in wonderment
Climbing among its gnarled limbs
smelling its sweet blossom
And of course picking its abundant crop.

Sound engineers,camera crew,make up artists
and a director
Then at night the family coming to pick up
their young offspring others to pick up the 20 yr olds
I play a very small part in the film
JUST my feet and apron ....wait for this
As The I was the only one there
with grey hair and an old fashioned house and an aging lemon tree

Now to those young filmakers the 1960's is the past
This era was the olden times
This was the time they were trying to re create
The 1960's was to them " The Good Times"
I did not agree or disagree
All I can say I was part of their magic
and I shall with the help of Le Enchanteur
put some of it on the site at the end of the year.
The film is judged for their end of year as part of a 3 film set.
.In December as their films are reviewed I will be in attendence at the a guest
not the star of the film
I think this will go to the small child with the look of wonderment on her face as she lay on the damp grass under the aging lemon tree

Lois(Muse of the Sea) 21.9.06

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Remembering Summer In The Treehouse

copyright Imogen Crest 2006.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Butterfly Lady

The tree house and the forest is filled with magic and beauty. We never lack for food either as wonderful treats of cream and fruits appear out of nowhere. A lovely butterfly woman came down the path. Will she stay or go? I wonder what might be coming next?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

We never know who may show up at the treehouse. Travelers from many parts of the woods are drawn to come and visit. We are so delighted to have this group of rabbit children and a fairy or two joined us for tea. They posed for this picture before they went on their way.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Taking Up a Thoughtful Spot

Today I will spend in the room with pillows and blankets and books and beanbag chairs. I'm come here for comfort, for reassurance. I've come to lay within the tree, let its branches hold me and whisper to me its wisdom. I will be required to make a big decision in only a few short days, and I need the wisdom of nature to guide me.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

We had some visitors in the treehouse. Two ladies dropped by and they brought along their instruments to entertain us. we all sat back on the pillows and sipped our tea while they played and sang some old folk songs. the warm breezes added to our comfort. what a lovely day.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Faerie Flowers and a Bee

copyright Imogen Crest 2006.

Emmie Swing

m'lady cannot she the tree house well,
and would never climb with fear born
of lack of depth perception --

but she can swing in the offered tire below,
while I call down to her from the branches.


May as Well

I think I am going to be happy –
may as well be now –
for any other choice is futile
and does little but to disturb
the awe and wonder of it all.

I think I will laugh and dance a bit –
may as well be now –
for each Child of Light is watching
and they can only learn of life
by seeing how I live my own.

I believe I will set my soul at rest –
may as well be now –
for without this balanced anchor
and simple faith in what I do,
my spirit cannot fly with you.

I know that I can sing in silence –
may as well be now –
for any voice raised in prayer
will merge with the choir of angels
and I will be forever heard.

I think that I will extend a hand –
may as well be now –
for this can be seen by anyone
while my heart is slightly hid,
and my soul but a kiss of time.

I think I will say, “I love you” --
may as well be now –
for you have seen my trembling heart,
and heard my spirit ever sing,
and touched my yearning child’s hand.

May as well be now! Be - now Be – well Be - mine Be ….